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Prime Author Membership

Prime Author Membership

Prime Authors Membership provides annual service that includes:

  • Be A VIP Speaker Bureau Member with one guaranteed speaking event*
  • Half Space Conference Table Vendor with Full Pass Access at following years conference (extra space and more passes can be purchased at a discount)
  • Four Other Events Will be Provided in the following year  (that either coincide with your book or book fair event)
  • Two Free Publisher's University Workshops (won't include meals.)
  • Feature of the Month | Spotlight on The Michigan Literary Network
  • 1 Eblast within the calendar year

Gold Prime Authors can include additionally:

  • Full Literary Partner at Annual Essence of Motown Literary Jam which includes a full page b&w ad in conference book, Full Table Vendor, Honorable Mention and Table Sponsor at Awards Gala.
  • 3000 Postcards shipped to five literary events around the country including BEA, Pen2Paper Symposium, RAWSistaz, and two others.
  • And other services provided by Prime Author Members

Price : $100.00
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Prime Author Membership

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